Thursday, October 22, 2009

Curriculum Alignment - Good or Bad?


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An exellent report that address this question as the main theme or as a sub-theme:
  • Questions that this report speaks to include the following:  Is Curriculum Alignment best practice? [No, since the district doesn't necessarily always pick the best curriculum. Think of SPS' adopted math curricula!] The experience of teachers in a curricularly aligned, data-driven, standardized-test-oriented reformed district.

Whole Language and Phonics
  • Why do I list "Whole Language and Phonics" as a sup-topic this index?  What if the District chooses, of these two approaches, the inferior approach?  Public school children will suffer the consequences.
  • Best article so far to give pros and cons of Phonics Wins out. This article indicates that Whole Language curriculum leads to lower levels achievement on broad measures of achievement.
  • For some interesting blog essays/comments on this topic, search the Core Knowledge site:, and use the search string "whole language phonics"
  • for more interesting articles, search the web: google "whole language versus phonics"

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