Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Opposition to Reform

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Media attention
 Opposition to reform in other larger urban districts

 Organizing efforts in Seattle and how YOU can help

Opposition at State Level:

  • dan dempsey said...Perhaps something like the legal action by the ACLU in Florida would get the Board and the Superintendent to take results more seriously.From the ACLU Florida web site: Aho et al. vs. State of Florida et al. was filed in the Circuit Court of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit in Palm Beach County Florida. Attorneys in the class action lawsuit include Hansen and Vanita Gupta of the ACLU Racial Justice Program, Lewis of the ACLU of Florida, Deborah N. Archer of the New York Law School Racial Justice Project and ACLU Cooperating attorney Ramona Hupp. A copy of the lawsuit is available online at: http://www.aclufl.org/GradComplaint.pdf. This comment appeared at this URL: http://saveseattleschools.blogspot.com/2009/11/audit-and-finance-committee-mtg-11509.html

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