Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Local anti-reform blogs

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seattle_ed.blogspot.com This blog serves as a warehouse of links to on-line articles, reports, studies, and websites. The owners of this blog (Seattlites Dora Taylor and Sue Peters) have compiled many dozens of articles, and are adding new articles daily. The links are organized by topic.

The current topics, in order of presentation on the right bar of the seattle-ed blog, are the following:
  • Regarding Charter Schools and the Privitization of a Public Trust
  • Charter Schools and Public Funds
  • Arne Duncan [U.S. Secretary of Education;  pro-charter & pro-reformist]
  • President Obama
  • The Race to the Top [Federal Dept. of Edu. pro-charter bribes to states that don't yet allow charters; funds to promote school district reform]
  • The Broad Foundation: "The Underground Department of Education" 
  • About the Gates Foundation and Charter Schools
  • Mayoral Control of School Districts
  • Alternative Schools in Seattle
  • No Child Left Behind
  • Merit Pay and High Stakes Testing
  • Kipp Schools [KIPP is a network of charter schools]
  • Teachers' Unions (e.g., "This is What Happens When You Don't Have a Teachers' Union")
  • Maria Goodloe-Johnson (Seatte Public Schools Superintendent; documenting that she is reformist, and has very strong connections to the Broad Foundation)
  • Seattle School Board
  • School Closures
  • Food for thought [miscellany]
  • Ideas on Education
  • Recomended Sites on Education (locally and nationally)
  • Don Fisher: Union Buster, Egomaniac, Rube, In His Own Words

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