Monday, November 2, 2009

Event 11-10-09 CPPS meeting with Scott Oki - self-proclaimed school reform sage

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"CPPS Meeting, Tues, Nov 10 with Scott Oki"
Tues, November 10 at 7:00 P.M.
Garfield High School LIBRARY (400 23rd Ave)

Prepare for this event by reading the comments on this SPS community blog post where people compare Alternative schools to charter schools.

Announcement: A Community Conversation with Scott Oki

In his book, "Outrageous Learning: An Education Manifesto," Scott Oki describes the ills facing public schools and applies the same frank, no-nonsense analysis that made him one of the most successful executives at Microsoft and co-founder of the Oki Foundation.

Mr. Oki is meeting with community groups across Washington State in order to offer his common-sense solutions to the challenges facing our schools and solicit input from his audiences. Whether or not you agree with his ideas, please join us in a spirited conversation about ways to improve our schools. To learn more about Scott Oki and read excerpts from the book, including his 11 planks for systemic school reform, visit

posted by Andrew Kwatinetz at 11:48 AM on Oct 27, 2009  on the Seattle Public Schools Community Blog.

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