Saturday, November 7, 2009

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[See end of this column for list of articles in preparation]

Where will unchecked reform of SPS lead to?  

McGinn may try to take control of SPS

Industrialized Education 

List of local organizations and wealthy individuals that promote reform of SPS

External Support for Pro-Education (Anti-Reform) 

NCLB (see "NCLB has got to go")

SPS has a weak school board as of Nov 2007

Race to the Top Competition: Is this a good deal for Washingon? 

Two sides of school reform  (What is School Reform?)

Alternative schools instead of charter schools -- go to Charter schools [Index]

High Stakes Testing

Coming Soon:
  • List of wealthy donors to 2007 SPS school board candidates (coming soon) < Reform of SPS
  • Pro-reform SPS Board Members and their wealthy campaign donors (coming soon) < Reform of SPS
  • What has School Reform accomplished in other large urban districts? [coming soon] < School Reform

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