Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Foundation abandonment of charter demonstration projects

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Case Study:  T.T. Minor K-5, Seattle Public School.  (19xx - 2009)

These comments copied from the Seattle Public Schools Community Blog (and then rearranged) (http://saveseattleschools.blogspot.com/2009/10/open-thread_30.html)
  • 10/31/09  uxolo said...  The[Sloan] foundation's commitment to T.T. Minor was for eight years and ended in 2006....TT Minor had part of their building's programs operated by funds from the Foundation. It was not a good thing for those who were not provided with their dollars. Where were those dedicated Sloan/New School people once the funding ended? Did they lobby to keep TT Minor open? Did they admit failure? I don't think so....The [Sloan foundation's] commitment to The New School is for ten years and is scheduled to end in 2012." What's the point? Is this foundation trying to prove that if every school has a bunch of outside donors and can get the supt or other political figures to enroll their kids that the school will work and/or be protected from the idiocy of the central district decision making?
  • 11/1/09 1:21 PM adhoc said... So, what happens to New School if the grant isn't extended? How do they fund all of the "extras" without the private dollars? Do they all just go away, and New School becomes just like every other public school? And are parents who enroll aware that this could happen?
  • 11/2/09 9:00 AM  Charlie Mas said... There was a reluctant admission of failure at T T Minor, but there was also a lot of blamestorming.The Sloan people blamed the district and the school, the school blamed the district and the Sloan people, the district blamed the Sloan people and the school. None of them ever acknowledged that they did anything wrong. The school was torn apart in every possible way. Then it was isolated from its community. Then enrollment was messed with. Then it was abandoned. Then it was closed.

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